Enhance Your Creativity and Imagination by Removing This One Cognitive Bias A cognitive bias is a ‘flaw’ in your thinking. This is any type of inaccuracy that our brains make on a large scale, due to the way they’ve evolved and the experiences that we’ve all gone through. Generally, this […]

Creativity and Imagination by Removing This One Cognitive Bias

  If you’re on a quest to become a more critical thinker – that is, analyzing a situation before acting on it or forming an opinion based on things, there are five key steps that you should use to use critical thinking to your best advantage. They are: Practice problem […]

5 Key Steps to Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and creativity go hand in hand. Critical thinking lets you look objectively at a problem, issue, object or person and take into consideration the entire picture. Creativity enables you to take that entire picture and look at it in a new way. The creative person is likely to […]

Critical Thinking and Creativity

When you use critical thinking techniques to solve problems in your personal or business life, you can be much surer of a satisfying outcome. Critical thinking helps you to discard biases and beliefs and statements that are hurled at us through media outlets and make sense of what is presented. Here […]

Critical Thinking for Problem Solving

  There are many benefits to living more simply, and everyone has different reasons for choosing to simply their life. But there are definitely some reoccurring benefits that you see on almost everyone’s “reasons to simplify” list. See which of these could motivate you to choose a simplified lifestyle.  More […]

Four Top Benefits of Living More Simply

“Big Problems. Big Thinkers.” features acclaimed journalist Terre Blair interviewing an extraordinary group of leaders to find solutions to some of the most urgent challenges facing humanity: global climate change, financial mayhem, nuclear attacks, cyber threats, political paralysis. Here is an excerpt with Madeleine Albright, Steven Soderbergh, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, […]

What Is Success? Big Thinkers Reflect – Bloomberg

Pintegrated Process Design System Versie 2.2 beschikbaar  Het succes van iedere organisatie hangt af van het samenspel tussen de bouwstenen: Strategie, Systemen, Processen, Gedrag en Cultuur. In onze visie is de beste kans op succes van uw organisatie afhankelijk van de mate waarin deze bouwstenen op elkaar zijn aangesloten. Onze verbeteraanpak […]

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